Investments analysis

The aim of investment analysis is to determine how an investment is likely to perform and how suitable it is for a particular investor. Key factors in investment analysis include the appropriate entry price, the expected time horizon for holding an investment, and the role the investment will play in the portfolio.

SP LINK Consulting guides its customers to ensure the success of their investments.

P&L improvement

The profit and loss (P&L) statement is one of three financial statements companies regularly produce. They are carefully reviewed by market analysts, investors, and creditors to evaluate a company's financial condition and prospects for future growth. By monitoring and improving its customers P&L, SP LINK Consulting secures its customers survival.

Cash flow management

Cash flow comes in three forms: operating, investing, and financing.

  • Operating cash flow includes all cash generated by a company's main business activities.
  • Investing cash flow includes all purchases of capital assets and investments in other business ventures.
  • Financing cash flow includes all proceeds gained from issuing debt and equity as well as payments made by the company.

82% of the businesses fail due to poor cash flow management. This statement alone highlights the importance of good cash flow management. SP LINK Consulting provides all supports to a good cash flow management.

Credit risk management

A strong risk management system confers a competitive advantage to companies by improving their decision-making. Implementing a credit risk management strategy can result in increased financial security for borrowers. SP LINK Consulting helps its customers understanding the credit risk management process, best practices and techniques, the first step in crafting a risk assessment solution.