Sourcing & Procurement

Sourcing is the process of selecting suppliers that provide goods or services.

Choosing the right suppliers is crucial. The further we go down the supply chain, the harder it is to track and correct mistakes. Selecting a supplier requires research and strategy.

SP LINK Consulting helps its customers in this process to ensure a monumental impact on a company business.

Procurement is the set of tasks associated with buying a product or service. It is defined as the process of acquiring goods, works, and services for organizational use, and it involves activities such as identification of needs, sourcing, selection, negotiation, ordering, receiving, and payments.

Production Costs Optimization

Optimization and reduction of costs remains a key issue for companies of all sizes. This is primarily a matter of cost transparency and understanding where the real cost drivers lie. Operational and non-operational areas are equally in focus. Centralization will become even more important. Cost reductions for manufacturing companies will increasingly become the core strategy to survive global competition. SP LINK Consulting supports its customers in this strategic process.

SG&A Costs Analysis

Selling, general and administrative expense (SG&A) is reported on the income statement as the sum of all direct and indirect selling expenses and all general and administrative expenses (G&A) of a company. SG&A, also known as SGA, includes all the costs not directly tied to making a product or performing a service. That is, SG&A includes the costs to sell and deliver products and services and the costs to manage the company. Controlling and managing these costs will improve companies' competitiveness.

Change management

Change management is the discipline that guides how to prepare, equip and support individuals to successfully adopt change in order to drive organizational success and outcomes. While all changes are unique and all individuals are unique, decades of research shows there are actions one can take to influence people in their individual transitions. Change management provides a structured approach for supporting the individuals in organization to move from their own current states to their own future states.