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We are SP LINK

Management Consulting

SP LINK Management Consulting is not a conventional consulting firm.
Our senior Consultants are fully committed to solve our clients problems, proposing innovative solutions. In most of the cases, we are asked to implement and monitor the proposed solutions. We are often considered as being a fully integrated part of our clients' human resources.

About Management Consulting

About Management Consulting

Management consulting is the practice of helping company managers on how to improve their business performances by:

  • identifying, diagnosing, and solving complex problems.
  • developing and implementing original long-term business strategies.
  • improving the financial and operational health of their organization.

Generally our customers contact us when they are facing to problems such as:

  • Poor business results
  • Unexpected loss
  • Lack of cash-flow
  • Loss of important markets
  • Lack of perspective / strategy
  • Unsatisfied customers
  • Aggressive competition
  • Lack of market knowledge
  • Inadequate internal organization
  • Poor market presence / recognition
  • Obsolete business control system
  • Hazardous investments
  • Need for profound structural changes
  • Excessive personnel turnover
  • Inefficient internal processes
  • Need for product range enlargement